One of the most challenging aspects of running an online store is managing the shipping and handling of customers' orders. When handling customer service, creating marketing campaigns, and running a website, it can be hard to add more responsibilities on top, especially tracking down products and shipping them to the right address.

Fortunately, shipping for small businesses is made easy with Pietra. At Pietra, we can help with Shopify shipping, managing inventory, and much more. Below, we'll provide small business shipping tips, information on Pietra's Fulfillment Services, and more. Keep reading to see how we can help you streamline your operations and become a successful eCommerce business.

What Is Pietra?

Pietra is an eCommerce platform designed to help small businesses succeed. With Pietra, Creators can work with manufacturers to produce products, freelance designers to create logos, packaging, and websites, and fulfillment partners to ship items to customers.

Whether you want to start a candle business or a jewelry company, you can start selling online with Pietra today. Without the need for a warehouse to store inventory or a production line to build products, you can manage your online business anywhere in the world, from your couch to a cruise ship at sea.

How Can Pietra Help with Shipping?

As a small business owner, competing with online retail giants like Amazon and Walmart can be intimidating, especially with their shipping capacity and prices that lure customers in. Fortunately, even with rising shipping costs, small businesses can save on shipping even with fast turnaround times.

Pietra Fulfillment Services can help businesses of any scale handle their inventory and shipping. At Pietra, we offer some of the cheapest shipping for small business options, so you can offer your customers fast and convenient shipping at an affordable price. Below are some of the reasons why we're known for having the best shipping for small businesses:

  • $1 flat rate for fulfillment around the world
  • 2-day shipping
  • Variable shipping rates on orders over 2-pounds
  • $29 eCommerce photography
  • $1 kitting and assembly
  • $1/mo per cubic foot storage

With the tools to manage suppliers, logistics, and co-packing, you'll be able to scale your shipping services as your business grows to ensure premier customer service and fast shipping times.

What Are Costs Associated with Shipping?

Looking for the cheapest shipping for small businesses is a priority for most eCommerce companies. By finding affordable shipping, you'll be able to reduce costs and provide economical shipping options to customers to keep them happy. To keep shipping costs low, knowing what factors can affect shipping prices is key. Take a look below:

  • Shipping supplies: Small business shipping supplies, such as tape, packing paper, and shipping boxes for small businesses, are all costs that can add up. Research what types of supplies you need and the right size package to keep costs low.
  • Courier costs: Another expense when it comes to shipping are courier costs, which are the costs couriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx charge to transport and deliver packages.
  • Labor: The labor required to fulfill orders and transport them is also worth considering. As you look for a shipping service, ask for their rates and compare prices.

These are some of the top costs associated with shipping. To keep your shipping prices reasonable, research multiple shipping services and compare their prices to find a shipper who can help offer your customers an affordable price. At Pietra, our Fulfillment Services offer a $1 flat rate for fulfillment globally with 2-day shipping.

Pietra Shipping FAQs

Can Pietra Integrate with Shopify?

Yes, Pietra easily integrates with Shopify. Shopify is one of the world's largest eCommerce platforms. If you run your online store on Shopify but are looking for a fulfillment provider, look no further than Pietra. With Shopify shipping integration capabilities, you can offer your customers our affordable and fast shipping rates to attract more leads and increase sales.

Does Pietra Ship Internationally?

Yes, Pietra offers global shipping services, which means you can send your products to homes worldwide. By selling your products globally at one flat rate, you'll be able to tap into markets across the world and grow your brand by giving people access to affordable shipping rates.

What Is Pietra's Return Policy?

One of the top small business shipping tips is having a strong return policy. Unfortunately, not everyone will be satisfied with your product, whether they ordered the wrong shirt size, received a defective product, or were simply unsatisfied. Having a clear return policy in place can make it easier for customers to return products and companies to process returns while saving money.

When it comes to Pietra's return policy, it depends on your sales channel. For example, if you sold a product from the Pietra Marketplace, customers will benefit from a free return policy. However, if a return comes from a connected sales channel, such as with Shopify, you will be in charge of the customer service regarding the return policy.

How Else Can Pietra Help My Small Business?

Pietra does much more than offering fulfillment services and providing Shopify shipping. In addition to our shipping and fulfillment services, we help by streamlining supplier communication, organizing supplier payments, and helping with international logistics.

Along with shipping for small businesses, Pietra can work with you throughout every step of your business journey. If you're just getting started, Pietra can pair you with freelance designers to create your online store and get it up and running. You can work with freelancers to design your logos, packaging, and more.

We can also help you find suppliers and teach you how to print shipping labels for small businesses or ways to run a strong eCommerce business with our library of educational resources.

Ship Products with Pietra Today

Are you ready to streamline your shipping to offer your customers affordable rates and fast turnaround times? If so, look no further than Pietra. From $1 fulfillment and 2-day shipping to offering Shopify shipping, we can help streamline your operations to run an efficient business.

Learn more about how Pietra works to see how we can help, and read real success stories through PR about how Pietra helps Creators.