If you have a passion for fashion, you may be wondering how to start your own clothing line. Fortunately, creating a clothing line from scratch is much easier today than it was even a few years ago. This is thanks to modern eCommerce platforms, like Pietra, and a growing network of freelancers readily accessible to help turn your visions into reality. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to start a clothing line in eight simple steps and how Pietra can help.

Step 1. Hone Your Fashion Design Skills

The first step in how to start a clothing line business is honing your fashion design skills. Some aspiring clothing line owners go to fashion school for a formal education while others become self-taught experts. However, there are plenty of ways to start a clothing line without a technical or specialized background.

At Pietra, you can gain access to an expansive network of freelance fashion designers. When working with a freelancer, you can share your ideas to create a unique tech pack that aligns with the style and vision you’re aiming for. Partnering with a freelancer makes it easy to bring your ideas to life and create a clothing line that's tailored to you.

Step 2. Write a Business Plan

The next step in how to start a clothing line is creating a clothing line business plan. Drafting a business plan for your clothing line can seem intimidating, especially if you’re finally making the jump to becoming a business owner. However, business plans are essential for the success of

your company, as they serve as a roadmap that outlines your goals, market, customers, finances, and more.

With Pietra, you can gain exclusive access to educational resources and workshops that can help new business owners learn the ins and outs of starting a business. Additionally, Creators can learn how to tailor their clothing line business plan to their brand principles, such as selling clothes made in the USA, apparel made from sustainable materials, or affordable clothes.

Thanks to Pietra, Creators can learn to make a soundproof business plan for their clothing line and find suppliers more easily, as they have a soundproof business plan that can serve as a guide while they grow.

Step 3. Build Your Brand

The fashion industry is vast and competitive, which means you need to build a brand that aligns with your customers and holds true to its principles. To create an identifiable brand, you need to create brand guidelines with a distinguishable logo that customers will remember.

At Pietra, you can work with freelance designers that can help you turn your brand ideas from a dream to reality. Freelancers can create your brand guidelines, logo, packaging design, tech packs, and so much more. Whatever idea you have for your brand in mind, our network of freelancers can create.

Step 4. Source Your Products

Once you’ve defined your brand guidelines, it’s time to get your designs and logo on apparel for consumers. This is where sourcing your products comes into play. Finding quality suppliers can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to look. Pietra makes sourcing products easy by giving you access to hand-picked, high-quality suppliers. Through our network of suppliers, you can source products based on fabrics, colors, and other materials needed to create your garments.

Step 5. Produce Your First Collection

Now that you’ve sourced your products and found designers to work with, it’s time to start creating. One of the key steps on how to start your own clothing line is making your first collection. Your clothing line’s first collection will introduce your brand to the world. By starting small with a curated collection of one to five different pieces, you can launch your first line quicker and save money.

Over time, you can add products to your core collection as you grow, and roll out more collections as you begin to expand. Once you’re ready to expand your designs, you can consider collections based on the seasons, such as a fall or winter collection. Or, you can work with a collaborator or artist to create a one-of-a-kind collection.

Step 6. Create an Online Store

Once all of the aforementioned steps are complete, it’s time to create an online store or work with an eCommerce platform like Pietra. At Pietra, you can create your own online store directly on our platform to start selling. You can learn more about how Pietra works to get started.

In addition to opening up your online storefront with Pietra, you can create an online store with Shopify. Pietra partners with Shopify, so you can create your website while reaping the benefits we have to offer, such as our sourcing and fulfillment services. You can even hire freelancers through Pietra to design and set up your Shopify website.

No matter the route you take when opening your online store, there are key principles to keep in mind to increase search visibility and bring leads to your site. This includes using SEO best practices like boosting page speeds and incorporating keywords in copy, placing CTAs throughout your website to direct users down the sales funnel, and improving user experience on your site.

Step 7. Determine Your Fulfillment Process

With your store up and running, it’s time to square away your fulfillment processes. Fulfillment refers to the method used to get your products to the doors of your customers when an item is bought. Pietra Fulfillment Services can take care of this step for you, so you don’t have to worry about tracking your inventory or worry about shipping.

Step 8. Determine Your Launch Date

Lastly, once the website is up and running and the logistics are squared away, it’s time to set up your launch date, which is the day your online shop goes live for customers to view and shop. Through social media marketing and other marketing techniques, you can grow awareness and launch a successful online grand opening.

How to Start Your Own Clothing Line FAQs

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Clothing Line?

Depending on the route you take, starting a clothing line can be expensive due to factors like payroll, rent, inventory, and shipping. Additionally, expenses vary from business to business and their overall scale. With Pietra, you can start a clothing line at an affordable cost. All you have to do is create an online shop. From there, Pietra takes care of most of the logistics without you having to hire a team or pay rent for a brick-and-mortar store.

How to Start a Clothing Line With No Experience

First, you need to understand your “why,” which is the reason you want to start a clothing line in the first place. From there, you need to get a firm grasp on how to market your clothing line to your target audience and how to scale your business over time. After that, you can use the steps in our guide on how to start your own clothing line to get started.

How to Sell Clothes Online

If you’re ready to start selling clothes online, there are a few basic steps to take, including:

-Finding a domain name -Creating a Shopify website -Ordering inventory through Pietra -Adding products to your category pages -Connecting your website to Pietra for order fulfillment

Pietra also helps Creators sell their products on other sales channels, such as Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, Verishop Marketplace, and Pietra’s Creator Marketplace. Read our PR about how Pietra helps Creators to learn more about how we help creators like you succeed.