Creating a brand from start to finish is no easy feat. There are countless factors to consider when building a personal brand, such as your audience, industry, and market. However, that doesn’t mean building a brand is impossible.

Today, with platforms and resources like Pietra, you can build a brand that’s unique and true to you in a few simple steps. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to build an independent brand in seven steps.

What Is an Independent Brand?

A personal brand is best defined as a brand people manifest and create for themselves. This could be marked by a signature look, style, personality, or other distinguishing traits. Similarly, companies have their own brand, known as an independent brand. An independent brand is how people view a company, such as their tone, messaging, aesthetic, products, and reputation.

However, creating a successful brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and resources to get your organization’s name known by your audience. If you want to build your own brand, keep reading below to find our seven easy steps.

How to Build a Brand in 7 Steps

Are you ready to build your own brand? You’re in the right place. Below, we’ll outline how to build a brand, so you can get your products and company known by people across the globe. Take a look.

Step 1. Determine Your Purpose

The first step in creating a successful brand is determining your purpose. If you don’t have a purpose that motivates you to show up daily to help your company grow, it can be easy to stagnate and lose traction. Staying authentic to yourself will be noticed by your customers, and if you believe in the mission and values of your company, it will resonate with your audience. As you look to start an independent brand, determine the problems your organization will solve and the mission and vision that guide your actions.

Step 2. Define Your Target Audience

The next step in building a brand is defining your target audience. It’s unrealistic to assume everyone from every background, age, and demographic will be interested in your products or services. With that said, you need to segment your customer pool to define who your true audience is to create a brand that speaks to them.

At Pietra, you can leverage the power of audience insights in your Creator Blueprint, which allows you to analyze your main social channels to determine the demographics of the people who interact with your posts and profiles. By using data collected from social channels like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, you can create buyer personas based on factors like age, gender, income, location, and interests, and use that information to create a brand that aligns with their values.

Step 3. Conduct Market Research

One of the most important steps in building a brand is conducting market research. Before tapping into any market, you need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly to create a soundproof game plan to succeed.

When conducting market research, find what’s missing. Are there any gaps that need to be filled? What are customers not getting? Is there anything that can be improved? Answering these questions can help you define your brand and its purpose, resulting in a company that stands out amongst its competitors.

Step 4. Design Your Brand Logo

Think of any household name brands — you can most likely describe their logo. Your company logo can tell your brand story in one simple graphic. As an independent brand, you need to design a logo consistent with the rest of your branding (we’re talking color palettes and fonts), and captures your brand’s story.

At Pietra, we can connect you with some of the top freelance designers who can help bring your vision to life. Together, you can collaborate by sharing ideas and feedback to create a logo that’s unique and easy to identify based on its font, tagline, photography, colors, and other elements.

Step 5. Create Your Products

The products you sell also play an integral role in spreading your brand. Through your products, you can make your brand noticed by consumers with your color palette, fonts, logo, brand voice, and more.

At Pietra, we help Creators of all backgrounds and industries create one-of-a-kind products that stay true to their brand. Through Pietra, you can find suppliers who can provide both white label and private label products that you can customize with your logo and colors, or customize from the ground up. From there, you can store your products in any of our low-cost warehouses, where the Pietra Fulfillment Services team will manage and ship inventory to your customers.

Step 6. Create Your Website

With your products ready and brand guidelines in place, the next step is creating your website. Having an online presence is one of the best ways to make your brand noticed by a broader audience, and at Pietra, we can help make that happen.

By working with freelance designers, Creators can create an eCommerce website that aligns with their brand by sticking to their color palette, creating a clean and easy-to-navigate online storefront, and ensuring a positive user experience.

With Pietra, Creators can also set up shop on the Creator Marketplace and sell their products directly through Pietra. Or, Creators can integrate Pietra with their Shopify store to reap the benefits of our supplier and fulfillment services. With a team who can help you design your website and open your eCommerce store, you’ll be able to share your brand with the world in no time.

Step 7. Promote Your Brand

With all the pieces in place, the last step in building a brand is promoting it across various channels. There are several routes you can take, such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and traditional advertising like print ads and interviews.

Build Your Independent Brand with Pietra

Are you ready to bring your independent brand to life? Learn how Pietra works to see how we can help you through every stage of creating a successful brand, from creating a business plan to designing your logo and building an eCommerce website. Review Pietra pricing to find a plan that works for you.