Makeup is a great form of expression, and if you've had an interest in the beauty industry, you may be wondering how to start your own makeup line. While creating a makeup business might seem intimidating at first, there are countless resources and platforms that can help you get started.

Have a product in mind but don't know where to begin? Review our step-by-step guide on how to start a makeup line below.

Step 1. Find a niche or gap in the market

If you're wondering how to start a makeup business, your first assignment is finding a niche or gap in the market that helps you stand out. To do this, think about your own makeup routine and what's lacking. Or, consider your own passion for makeup and think of ideas that you can make to an existing product to make it better. Both routes allow you to differentiate yourself from the thousands of competitors in the market.

Let's look at Ella McFadin as an example. Ella was well-known for her minimal makeup routine, which primarily consisted of blush. Passionate about highlighting her natural glow without the need for a full makeup look, Ella decided to launch Skin by Ella Rose. Her primary product? A simple cream blush for an everyday look that emphasizes natural beauty. With that deep passion and a product in mind, Ella was able to see tremendous success with her makeup line.

To help you get started, some niches or gaps to consider may be vegan or cruelty-free makeup, makeup for more diverse complexions, or adding a twist to a popular product to make it stand out even more.

Step 2. Use your Pietra Creator business plan

The next step in how to sell makeup is writing a makeup line business plan. At Pietra, we have educational resources accessible to all Creators to help them run a successful online business. This also includes our Creator Blueprint, which can act as your makeup line business plan. With our business plan, you don't need to worry about creating one yourself and figuring out the logistics. Here are the many components:

  • Find a makeup supplier to work with
  • Order makeup samples to test the quality
  • Select the features and customizations for your products
  • Hire a creative freelancer to design your logo and artwork
  • Order a production run
  • Ship makeup products to Pietra's Fulfillment Center
  • Have an introductory business setup call with the warehouse
  • Connect your website with Pietra's services
  • Create content to promote your makeup brand
  • Start selling your makeup and have Pietra ship your customer's orders to their home

Step 3. Find a makeup supplier

Once your makeup product idea is formalized, it's time to find a makeup supplier to start selling your products. When choosing a makeup supplier, consider these factors:

  • Formulas: Review the formulas used in each makeup product. At Pietra, we have a wide selection of makeup manufacturers, including those who create vegan and cruelty-free formulas.

  • Production process: Determine whether you're interested in private labeling or contract manufacturing. With private labeling, you can attach your brand to an already existing makeup product, while contract manufacturing allows you to partake in each step of the production process.

    This includes creating the formula, finding the right packaging, and designing the labeling. With Pietra, you can find suppliers who offer both production processes to align with your brand vision.

  • Product quality: One of the top factors to consider is product quality. The last thing people want is makeup that doesn't meet their expectations. Through Pietra, you can order samples before committing to a full makeup line to ensure it checks off each of your boxes.

  • Shipping: In today's fast-paced world, consumers expect products to show up at their door quickly. When looking for suppliers for your makeup line, review their shipping, handling, and return processes. Pietra Fulfillment Services allow you to ship worldwide and offer your customers two-day shipping.

  • Packaging: Your packaging is just as important as your logo and makeup containers. With Pietra, you can work with suppliers to create custom packaging that makes your brand stand out.

Step 4. Create custom packaging + branding

To make your makeup business succeed, you need to clearly define your brand. In the beauty space, your packaging, makeup containers, and logo are vital to your success. Remember, makeup is an art, and consumers want to buy makeup products that catch their eye and allow them to envision who they can become.

Pietra can help you find creative freelancers to bring your brand vision to life. Not only can they help you create custom packaging, but you can find freelance designers to create your logo and build your online website to draw consumers in.

Step 5. Create an online shop

With most of your business logistics taken care of, the next step on how to start your own makeup line is creating an online shop. There are several options when it comes to opening an online store. You can set up shop on an eCommerce platform like Pietra, where you can sell on the Pietra Creator Marketplace. Or, you can work with freelance web designers to create your own website on platforms like Shopify.

With Pietra, we can help you sell your makeup on various channels. Not only do we have the Pietra Creator Marketplace, but we easily integrate with Shopify and social media storefronts like Instagram Shopping and Google Shopping.

Step 6. Promote your products

The final step in how to create a makeup business is promoting your products. In a competitive industry like beauty, it can be hard to stand out. However, there are several ways to promote your products and gain more visibility, such as social media marketing and SEO. At Pietra, you'll gain access to educational resources aimed at helping small business owners succeed, including tips on how to effectively market your brand.

Creating content is an essential component to running a successful online business. Content can range from blog posts on your website to social media posts on Instagram and TikTok. As a Creator, engaging with your customers can help you grow your makeup line and reach a broader audience.

To leverage the community you've built, respond to comments, host product giveaways, create social media challenges centered around your brand, and post various types of content, such as videos, photos, and infographics. Doing so is an excellent way of relating to your customer base and making your makeup line more recognizable.

Start Your Makeup Business with Pietra

You made it—you now know how to start your own makeup line. Pietra provides the services and resources that help any aspiring business owner succeed. From finding suppliers to designing custom packing, Pietra makes it easy to start a makeup line. Learn more about how Pietra works and read customer success stories by reviewing PR on how Pietra helps Creators.