No matter your candy preference, there's sure to be someone with a similar taste as you. Whether you have a sweet tooth for chocolate or prefer sour gummies, the candy industry knows how to fulfill anyone's cravings. With that said, if you have a passion for sweets and a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you may consider opening your own custom candy line.

Maybe you have your own custom candy you make at home that you'd like to monetize, or perhaps you're brand-new to the candy market but want to get started. No matter where you are in your journey, we can teach you how to sell candy. In our step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to sell candy from your home with your own online shop. Let's get started.

1. Find an eCommerce Platform

The first step in how to sell candy is finding an eCommerce platform that gives you the tools and resources to open up an online shop. There are several eCommerce platforms to choose from that operate differently, such as open-source and SaaS platforms. Additionally, it's important to research each eCommerce platform's offerings and services, such as web support, shipping and fulfillment services, and so forth.

Pietra is an eCommerce platform that helps thousands of business owners sell their products worldwide. At Pietra, you can access educational resources for business owners to help you become a successful shop owner, and benefit from social media integration, assembly and kitting, and much more.

Additionally, Pietra integrates seamlessly with Shopify, one of the world's largest eCommerce platforms. If you have a Shopify website but are interested in Pietra's sourcing and fulfillment sources, we can help connect your online business to our services to bring your store to the next level.

2. Determine Your Niche

After you've found an eCommerce platform to run your custom candy company from, it's time to find your niche. The candy industry is vast, with countless companies vying for the top position. To stand out, you need to make a name for yourself by specializing in a particular type of candy that your customers love.

For example, you can create personalized candies for shoppers to order for special events, create vegan candy and gluten-free candy to tap into a fastly growing market, or specialize in a certain type of candy, such as chocolates or sweets.

Take Suckerz, for example. Suckerz created their candy product on Pietra and is known for one key characteristic—their products contain 67% less sugar. Candy can be synonymous with unhealthy. However, Suckerz found a way to provide a sweet treat without some of the negative health benefits of containing too much sugar. Suckerz could stand out in a sea of competitors by creating a spin on the classic ball lollipop.

3. Research Suppliers

After narrowing down the niche you want to specialize in, you need to research suppliers who can bring your vision for custom candies to life. This is an integral step in how to sell candy because you want to ensure you're creating and selling a product that will perform well in the market. As you research suppliers, consider these qualities:

  • Ingredients: The key ingredient to any good candy is its ingredients. Depending on how you want to define your brand, think of the ingredients you want or don't want in your products.

Take Suckerz, for example. Their vision was a tasty lollipop but without the excess sugar. During this process, consider what you enjoy, conduct market research to find what consumers enjoy, and find a supplier with the ingredients you need for your custom candies.

  • Quality: Another important factor to consider is the quality of the candy your supplier produces. The last thing you want is chocolate that melts too fast or custom candies that crumble very easily. Read product reviews and testimonials to see what customers have to say.
  • Customer service: You want to ensure you can easily contact your candy supplier should any issues arise. Look to see what their customer service offerings look like, such as 24/7 support, a live chat, or other features.
  • Customization: To create customized candies, your supplier will need the tools and bandwidth to do so. As you research custom candy suppliers, ensure they have the resources to create personalized candies for your customers.

At Pietra, we have a vast network of custom candy suppliers for you to choose from. With each supplier, you can order samples of personalized candies to ensure they meet your expectations. By ordering samples, you'll be able to provide feedback and work together to create a final product your customers will love.

4. Choose a Fulfillment Partner

With a supplier picked out, the next step for selling custom candy is finding a fulfillment partner who can store your inventory and ship products to customers when they place an order. As you search for a fulfillment partner, consider their shipping options, packaging, and costs.

Pietra's Fulfillment Services allow you to ship globally with several shipment options, such as $1 fulfillment and 2-day shipping, wholesale fulfillment, and more.

5. Create Your Brand

One of the most essential steps in starting a custom candy store is creating a strong and identifiable brand. When it comes to personalized candy, color and packaging plays a vital role. Remember—your goal is to appeal to your audience's senses, so create a logo and packaging that lures them in and gives them a glimpse of what they'll taste.

At Pietra, we can connect you with freelance designers who can help bring your brand vision to life. From creating custom candy bar wrappers to designing your logo and building your website, Pietra can help you get your candy business off the ground. Our database of freelance designers can also help create custom packaging, so when your custom candies show up on a customer's doorstep, they'll be greeted with a surprise.

6. Open Your Online Store

The last step in how to sell candy from home is opening your online store. With your eCommerce platform, supplier, and fulfillment partner picked out, it's time to finalize your website design and ensure it's ready for customers. Additionally, take time to market your brand through social media, word of mouth, and press releases.

At Pietra, we make it easy to start your custom candy business and sell on various platforms, such as the Pietra Creator Marketplace, Shopify, Instagram Shopping, Google Shopping, and more.

Start Selling Custom Candy with Pietra Today

You made it. You now know how to sell candy and create a brand that customers love. At Pietra, we have the tools and resources needed for you to succeed. If you're ready to get started, learn more about how Pietra works, and read up on PR about how Pietra helps Creators.