These inspirational fashion brands have it figured out. Here is how they have appealed to fans and built a following,
plus steps you can take to improve your brand visibility.


This streetwear label is a favorite with celebrities including Michael B. Jordan, Eva Marcille, and Apolo Ohno. The
brand boasts 864,000 followers on Instagram and is known for its signature smiley face basketball and its DNA
collection. Founded as Chinatown Market in 2016, Ma®ket rebranded earlier this year following violence against the Asian
American Pacific Islander community.

For Ma®ket, this sense of community is key to success. According to High Snob Society, Founder Mike Cherman was inspired
by New York's Canal Street and has done a fine job of mimicking bootleg tees and hoodies commonly beloved by shoppers in
that area. Cherman commonly references pop culture in his designs, creating bold and distinctive streetwear that often
sells out.

After starting his career at Nike, Cherman built this brand with custom t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants long before
COVID-19 made these items wardrobe staples. Customers like this brand because the clothes are comfy and affordable.

But Cherman truly built his business on relationship management. His earliest clients are young. Instead of ignoring
them or responding to customer inquiries with a canned response, Cherman responded to each one. He listens to customers
and uses their input to influence designs, often finding pop culture inspiration in his followers.

Interacting with your customers makes them feel valued, which helps increase your brand loyalty.

Rowing Blazers

Founded in 2017, Rowing Blazers has quickly gained cult status among fashion enthusiasts. The New York-based brand has
been photographed on celebrities including Dwayne Wade, Pete Davidson, Tan France, Mindy Kaling, BTS, and many others.
Its founder, Dr. Jack Carlson, is an archaeologist who was once a member of the U.S. Rowing team.

Rowing Blazers offers sporty styles that appeal to the preppy in anyone, and they look good on people of all ages,
shapes, and sizes. One way in which this company has built its following is by collaborating with other brands and
organizations on limited-edition collections, which lends a level of exclusivity to its clothing. Given Carlson's sports
background, it's not surprising that the brand has done collections with the NBA and U.S. Rowing. It has also created a
collection with Sperry and Harry's New York Bar, which is a well-known city institute.

These collaborations are not the only way Rowing Blazers has improved its visibility. The company also runs an affiliate
program through which content creators and people who run internet shopping sites can earn a commission for referring
buyers directly to the Rowing Blazers site.

As a small business owner, you don't always have access to big-name personalities, but you can leverage your current
customers through affiliate marketing and loyalty programs.

Cherry LA

This west coast streetwear brand was founded in 2018 by Joseph Perez and David Levy and has quickly risen to popularity.
Cherry LA has created a sense of nostalgia, its designs are reminiscent of 90s styles that were popular in Southern
California 20-years ago.

Cherry LA does not often post to its Instagram page, yet the brand has amassed over 127,000 followers. This notoriety
has largely been built on followers like Bella Hadid who tag the brand in their own Instagram feeds. Much like Rowing
Blazers, Cherry LA launches limited-edition collections, which makes the brand more exclusive and coveted by its fans.

But the root of Cherry LA's success lies in its designers. A quick glance through Joseph Perez's Instagram feed shows
glimpses into his laid-back personality and distinct Los Angeles skater style. Similarly, David Levy highlights trips to
the beach or simply relaxing in Southern California's outdoors. These designers create clothing that they would wear and
they infuse their personalities into each item. Their authenticity shines through in their clothing, which is also well
made and built to last.

Black Milk

Australian brand Black Milk has been around longer than other cult faves on this list, but its followers are no less
devoted. Black Milk offers fun, colorful styles that stand out. New releases often sell out, and the brand's fans love
showing off their new items through social media.

Black Milk grew by cultivating an online community. The brand uses its own Instagram followers on its website, which
appeals to customers because it's easy for them to see themselves in the clothes. Black Milk also encourages members of
its Facebook community to meet up in person and trade clothes or make new friends.

Knowing how to create an online community will help you build word of mouth, and it's an effective customer relationship
management channel.

How You Can Learn From These Brands

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