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Montage Hotel, Ellen Degeneres, SEASONS, We Wore What and @hayet.rida
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30 days
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By Chere

February 01, 2024
Sample pack is amazing! Laguna candles have been extremely helpful with creating my brand. I am from laguna beach so supporting a business from my hometown is awesome. Can't wait to receive my larger order through laguna candles.

Patricia T

November 02, 2023
Amazing candles! Thank you for everything you do!!

Evelyn Saunders

October 31, 2023
I attended a candle making/water color class First we chose our vessel for the candle , then chose our fragrance out of four choices. We then wicked and poured the candle. The watercolor art class was great. We did three different types of watercolors. And made 3 pictures. Both instructors were great and very personable Wine and a charcuterie board were provided by Laguna Candels

Moniesha Darby

October 31, 2023
Wow is all I can say about my candles and candle lighter. I love lighting my candles at night while preparing for the next day. They calm me and make my whole house smell amazing. I can’t wait to order the brown sugar and the pink hand blown heirloom candle. They have great accessories also.

Azelin Davis

October 31, 2023
Laguna candles has amazing products and even better customer service! My business got off the ground extremely fast because of their attentive staff. I love having a business relationship with them. Everything is made easy and I don’t have to worry about chemicals. I get an amazing quality product.


October 31, 2023
Laguna candles offered me peace of mind and a shot at generational wealth! I was able to start my candle brand and supply my customers with ease. Anytime I was running low they were ready to fulfill the order! Very grateful.


January 22, 2023
Laguna Candles is making this process so easy. I paid for my samples and recieved them in the mail in no time.

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