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Move from Etsy to Pietra & get paid daily

Move your Etsy storefront to Pietra and get paid daily for sales
Step 1: Sign up for a Pietra membershipStep 1: Sign up for a Pietra membership

Use sites like Pietra to find vetted clothing manufacturers. Pietra gives you access to 1000+ vetted factories so you can avoid paying an agency.

Step 2: Send your inventory to Pietra's 3PLStep 2: Send your inventory to Pietra's 3PL

Use sites like Pietra to set up order fulfillment. Pietra gives its members 30-50% off fulfillment and storage rates for small businesses and brands.

Step 3: Set up storefront and start sellingStep 3: Set up storefront and start selling

Use sites like Shopify to set up your e-commerce website. If you want something quicker, Pietra offers free e-commerce storefronts for members.

I still have 'pinch me' moments - I can't believe how lucky I got to discover Pietra.I Love You Baby by Hailey Sani
Pietra protects you from Etsy payment delays
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Sign up for Pietra to get members only access.

Pietra is a one-stop shop for you to run your e-commerce business. It provides sourcing tools, a 3PL, and a storefront for you to manage your business.Find vetted manufacturers
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Send your inventory to Pietra's 3PL with same day service.

Need to start fulfilling quickly? Click a few buttons and send your inventory directly to Pietra and Pietra can start fulfilling your orders asap.Join Pietra's members only 3PL
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Create your Pietra strorefront like your Etsy shop, but with better rates.

Pietra's storefront has all the power of an Etsy storefront at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy no listing fees and a 5% processing fee on each sale vs. Etsy's 18%.Set up your Pietra site
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