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Pietra saves you time and money when listing on various channels
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Sell your products online, offline, wholesale, and retail in a few clicks.

Looking to find retail, wholesale, and more online buyers? Pietra's sales network gives you the power of a massive sales team and exposure to over 85,000 buyers for your products. All set up in a few clicks.List on Pietra's sales network
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Pietra handles all the backend logistics for every sale. Just sit back and collect your payout.

Members get access to a global sales network that is designed to increase visibility of your brand. Send items to Pietra's 3PL and connect as many sales channels as you want.Start adding sales channels
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Weekly payouts directly deposited into your account, every week.

No lengthy contracts, lock-in, or minimums. Each sales channel lists their fees and you pay exactly what is listed in Pietra's portal.Start making more money
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