Unique Factory

Unique Factory

Notable past projects & clients

KKW, Halle Berry Re-Spin, Bacardi
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Avg. response time:

9 days

Yearly sales:

$5,000,000 - $10,000,000

Avg. production time:

60 days
Custom projects & base products
Unique Factory

Unique Factory

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Unique Candles, Inc. has been specializing in custom candle manufacturing for over 15 years. A leader in candle manufacturing, we offer our expertise to suit your business needs. Unique Candles is committed to outstanding craftsmanship & is a full service custom manufacturer...See more

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Unique Factory offers base products you can sample. Chat with them to customize a product.
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Work with 1200+ vetted factories

Work with 1200+ vetted factories

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Centralized communication

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Sourcing experts

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Unique Factory is known for

10+ Years in BusinessContract ManufacturerPrivate Label Products

Ask Unique Factory about

  • Custom Colored Vessels
  • Vessel Printing
  • Custom Fragrances
  • Custom Labels
  • Candle Contract Manufacturer

Unique Factory can make

  • custom candles
  • custom fragrances
  • custom vessels
  • made in america
  • made in california
  • custom wax
  • oud fragrance
  • soy wax
  • paraffin wax
  • coconut wax
  • bees wax
  • wooden wick
  • cotton wick
  • 3 wick candle
  • 9oz candle
  • 10oz candle
  • 11 oz candle
  • 12 oz candle
  • custom fragrance
  • custom labels
  • made in usa
  • candle vessel printing
  • Candles
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