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Raising Cane's, Athletic Greens, Every Man Jack, Curology, Natural Cycles, Verb Hair, Gigi Pip, Modern Fertility, Revolve, Advocare & more!
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  • Influencer Marketing Our agency works with a diverse set of the most influential, creative social media creators with high followings and engagement rates to create authentic, successful social media marketing campaigns. Key provides Influencers the support they need to create content that resonates with their followers, interest, and specific niche. Our team is dedicated to connecting our leading talent with brands and products they genuinely admire and utilize. Our creators available for partnership range from 10K followers to 2M followers, with prime talent from some of the most favored networks and platforms such as MTV, CBS, Netflix, TikTok, Prime Video, and more.
  • UGC Creation We provide premium services to help brands receive high-quality content for their social media, advertising, website, and marketing needs. Our UGC team is made up of the most innovative, relatable, and diverse content creators to ensure the highest quality of output. Our team has experience in multiple industries and specializes in creating content for specific target audiences, niches, and highly engaging platforms. Unlike most agencies, we provide post-delivery support to ensure our content meets each of our client’s needs. Additionally, we offer a wide range of high-quality content packages for brands to choose from, allowing for greater efficiency in the production process so they can find the best content plan that fits their company’s budget and interests.
  • Social Media Management We assist brands and companies in successfully expanding and managing their social media presence by crafting high-quality content tailored to their precise audience and aesthetic. Our team constantly monitors the industry’s top trends to provide cutting-edge content that always fits the brand’s look while also grabbing the eyes of an audience outside of what is already presented in front of them. Furthermore, we measure and analyze campaign success, ensuring our clients get the highest possible return on investment. We strive to help our clients build strong and lasting relationships with their consumers while creating stress-free relationships by managing their daily social media tasks, developing posting calendars that best fit their marketing goals, and creating eye-catching content for them so they can stand out from the rest.

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  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing

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