Slim Fitting Quick Drying Shirt
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Slim Fitting Quick Drying Shirt

Available to sample in 3 different size options. Available to sample in 4 different color options. MOQs start at 20 units for custom projects. We have the ability to customize the labels, tags, logos and create custom outer packaging. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to chat with us and we can provide a custom quote based on your needs.
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10 reviews
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February 29, 2024
I’m very pleased with my sample order, the material is chefs kiss! The customer service was top tier as well. I will definitely be ordering more items from this supplier.


January 31, 2024
I'm a repeat customer and will say that Miaactive is tremendous regarding the quality of their clothing and the promptness of their service. The leggings (tried two different kinds) so far have been a hit! They are also very accommodating.


December 27, 2023
this is really good quality material, I love it! it's strong and durable.

Test Candles 123

November 07, 2023
Love this item, I can't wait to launch it as a part of my activewear line.

Calla Tolbert

November 01, 2023
Quick response. I ordered a sample that came exactly how it was described and exactly like the picture. Great quality! I'm very happy I will be ordering a bulk order.


October 09, 2023
Terrible customer service. They are quick to respond when they want you to order but when you order and they tell you the item is out of stock they ghost when you request a refund. I WILL NEVER order from this business. Ever!

Flawed Masterpiece®

August 13, 2023
The samples took a little longer to receive than I expected, but they served the intended purpose. Our company is testing several manufacturers, and the quality of the two samples we ordered was of the lowest quality.


August 03, 2023
They responded well at first but then once the order was placed it took almost a whole month to receive my samples, 2 items were wrong, they were missing an item and the communication became poor once I was waiting for my order. Very unfortunate because I did actually like some of the products I received.


May 26, 2023
Quick in response!! Would love to work with!


May 07, 2023
Very responsive, great quality and fast turn-around. 10/10 would recommend.

Slim Fitting Quick Drying Shirt

You will receive: A sample shirt in the color and size of your choice. There will be no customizations on samples.

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15 days
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