Round Tag Pendant Bracelet
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Round Tag Pendant Bracelet

Sample this bracelet made of stainless steel and zircon. This bracelet comes in a plastic bag. The size is 15+5 cm. The weight is 8 g. It has real 18k gold plating. They are tarnish-free, waterproof & hypoallergenic We have the ability to customize the styles and create custom outer packaging. Please contact us with the details of your custom project. MOQs for custom projects start at 200 units.
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5 reviews
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January 31, 2024
Very happy with the quality and quick response

Creative Eye

August 21, 2023
Fast shipping - Excellent product - look forward to working with you on my own designs.

Love Jade Creations LLC

July 28, 2023
I love this design .. Perfectly fits the collection im going for......


May 26, 2023
Aris Cosmetics is a terrible company to work with. I have tried to create my brand with Aris Cosmetics for nearly 6 months. Trying to have a dialogue with the company is a lost cause. I have tried numerus times in an attempt to reach the company with inquiry on how we can work together to create my brand with their available products br they do not respond to my email inquiry, or the many attachments I emailed Aris Cosmetics of promotional ideas on how I will be able to sell their cosmetics with my brand name. If Pietra needs proof of how I have tried to work with Aris Cosmetics, Pietra is welcome to view The emails that I have sent Aris Cosmetics, only to have no response. Virgo


February 13, 2023
very good quality from their store

Round Tag Pendant Bracelet

You will receive: The bracelet in the shown photo

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