Persimmon Cup Wax Candle
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Persimmon Cup Wax Candle

Product Name: Persimmon Cup Wax Candle Material: Soy Wax Size: 10.5*9cm(500g) Scent: Similar to real product's flavor in your chosen style Handmade: Yes Customized Label: MOQ 50 units. Customized Packaging: MOQ 100 units. Customized Design: MOQ 100 units. Please feel free to connect to us for more customized options and we will try our best to meet all your demands.
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6 reviews
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Carol Z

December 11, 2023
Samples arrived very fast and the candles smell and look great! I’ll definitely work with them again.

Jennifer Laurens

October 25, 2023
I am very satisfied with the products I received from Smeicous Candle. They have a large selection of candle items for different occasions and purposes, and they offer competitive prices and discounts. The products are well-made and durable, and they create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The delivery was fast and the tracking was accurate. Smeicous Candle is a reputable and dependable candle supplier that I will continue to do business with.

Michael Smith

October 25, 2023
Smeicous Candle is a wonderful candle manufacturer that I have been cooperating with for several months. They have a professional and friendly team that is always ready to help me with any questions or requests. They have a high standard of quality control and they use innovative and creative techniques. Their products are stylish and functional, and they always meet my expectations. Smeicous Candle is one of the best candle suppliers I have ever worked with.

Emily Brown

October 25, 2023
I am very happy with my purchase from Smeicous Candle. They have a variety of beautiful and unique candle items that suit my taste and style. The quality of their products is superb, and the candles are made from natural and eco-friendly materials. They also have a fast and efficient shipping process, and they pack their products securely and neatly. Smeicous Candle is a top-notch candle supplier that I will definitely order from again.

James Wilson

October 25, 2023
Smeicous Candle is a great supplier of candle products. I have been working with them for over six months and they always provide me with excellent products and customer service. They have a wide range of scents and colors to choose from, and they can also make customized designs according to my specifications. They are very responsive and professional, and they always follow up with me to ensure my satisfaction. Smeicous Candle is a trustworthy and reliable partner in the candle industry.

Sarah Green

October 25, 2023
I bought some scented candles from Smeicous Candle and I was very pleased with their quality and fragrance. They burned evenly and lasted long, and they filled my room with a pleasant aroma. They also came in beautiful and elegant packaging, and they were easy to use and store. I would highly recommend Smeicous Candle to anyone looking for high-quality candles at a reasonable price.

Persimmon Cup Wax Candle

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