Old Washed Knitted Sweater
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Old Washed Knitted Sweater

Sample this sweater made of 100% cotton and a fabric yarncount 26S Available to sample in 1 different color options. Available to sample in 4 different size options. We have the ability to customize the labels, logo, embroidery logo and create custom outer packaging. Please contact us with the details of your custom project. MOQs for custom projects start at 100 units.
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8 reviews
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May 16, 2024
That's great gym sets, they came fast and the quality was great!the fabric so nice and quality very good, we will purchase again for sure!


April 21, 2024
I really like the custom sample, its really matched with my design techpack, and quality so well, they provide very nice fabrics idea let me check and then choose the best one, so appreciated


March 26, 2024
The quality and cutting pretty much than i expect, they can provide a few different fabric options to compare and help to find the best way to acheive my goal, we will be placing other order with them very soon.


March 26, 2024
Very nice quality, I love the fit and fabric

Happiness Loves Company

January 26, 2024
The shirts felt nice, just not the fit I was looking for. The polo sweatshirt material felt cheap. It was 100% polyester which was the issue, I thought it was a blend. The print was way bigger than on the mockup (attached is the mockup).


December 20, 2023
Holly Active has been very responsive and professional. They are always very kind and courteous, knowledgeable, and respond timely. The sample 100% cotton products we received are of very high quality. We will be working with them to place a bulk order.


May 25, 2023
They took around 2 weeks to make one shirt and send it to me. The quality of the shirt is not the same that looks on the picture describing the item. The sizes run small, I believe it is a detail they should have mentioned. The logo was too low on the sample, and it fits wayyy too tight on a person size Large. It's not a bodysuit it's a dry fit shirt. The first picture attached is my example of how I wanted the shirt and the others are what I got.


January 23, 2023

Old Washed Knitted Sweater

You will receive: The sweater in the selected color and size. There will be no customizations on samples.

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