Makeup Sample Kit

Makeup Sample Kit
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Makeup Sample Kit

The sample includes Aurora Hot Selling Private label Makeup products.? We send out the samples by default, if you have specific requirement, please leave note. Lip Products: Matte Liquid Lipstick (All 47 shades, mixed tubes)] Lip strobe gloss (All 12 colors, mixed tube: silver and black) Lip Lustre gloss (All 16 colors, mixed tube: rose gold and black) Creamy matte lip liner (10 colors, randomly selected) Diamond lip gloss (All 6 colors) Eyes line Products: Eyeshadows in VAC Tray (all 172 normal colors + 16 duo chrome colors) Pressed Glitter in VAC Tray (all 30 shades) Mascara 1 pc Face line Makeup goods: (24 colors of Liquid foundations are optional to be added) Highlighter Pressed Powder in VAC tray (all 8 colors) Blush Pressed Powder in VAC try (all 6 colors) Contour Pressed Powder in VAC try (all 12 colors) Liquid highlighter (all 4 shades) Loose Setting Powder (all 4 shades, mixed jars) Empty Package to see quality and colors Empty Eyeshadow Palette: 1 PU leather palette (12 wells) + 1 matte black palette (9 wells) + 1 matte white palette (4 wells)? + 2 emtpy refillable magnetic palettes (gold & black, 4 wells) Empty Highlighter Palette: 1 rose gold palette ( 4 big wells) + 1 black single palette Empty single Jar (black and rose gold) Several boxes Free sample gifts ( randomly given, such as eyelahses, etc.)
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2 reviews
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Beauty Beneath Co.

January 25, 2024
Very communicative and cares about their service. Top notch manufacturer, good products and fast shipping.

Skulls & Gaga

March 08, 2023
Pretty quick ship and clean packaging.

Makeup Sample Kit

You will receive: An unbranded sample kit of all our top private label formulations.

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