Faux Lashes Sampler Kit

 Faux Lashes Sampler Kit
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Faux Lashes Sampler Kit

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Average 8-10 uses per pair depending on care• Lightweight, with a thin, flexible, microfiber lash band• Black lash band blends into lash line for a natural look• Korean silk, high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic mink• Clear plastic lash tray and cover for easy lash storage• Customizable length Includes: 23652 Faux Lash, Debbie- A natural lash that adds loads of volume. The interwoven lash band creates fullness from the root for a wide eye flutter.23653 Faux Lash, Rosie- A natural lash that blends with your own lashes to fill in sparse areas and adds dimensions for everyday wear.23654 Faux Lash, Stephanie- A medium lash that adds volume and has a rounded shape to make eyes look bigger and wide awake.23655 Faux Lash, Ophelia- A medium lash with a wing effect for the perfect compliment to any cat eye look. This lash is perfect for achieving sexy and playful eyes.23656 Faux Lash, Silvi- A glam lash that adds mega length and volume. With a dense interwoven base this lash will give you the full long lashes you’ve always craved.23657 Faux Lash, Carina- A sexy glam lash with a dense base and feathery ends. This lash is perfect for adding volume and length.90061 Luxe Box, Faux Lashes- Matte black unit carton with a masquerade inspired window to showcase your favorite lashes. Gold foil textured insert to make lashes stand out in the packaging.
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January 17, 2024
I really like the hydra gloss' samples I ordered they are super pigmented, not streaky, they don't smell super chemically and got a pretty good response from my testers with my market. I am curious how to go about producing a line :)


March 21, 2023
Not too impressed tbh the lip plumper stings as hell, the mascaras smell like chemicals and aren’t that good

Faux Lashes Sampler Kit

You will receive: A sample kit of velvet lip liners with 16 shades.

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