Custom Heavy 280 Grams Cotton T-Shirt
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Custom Heavy 280 Grams Cotton T-Shirt

The material is 100% cotton The style fits good . Available to sample in 16 different color options. Available to sample In 7 different size options. European and American sizes ,7 sizes to meet market demand We have the ability to Customize the labels, tags, logo ,size, fabric and create custom outer packaging. Please contact us with the details of your custom project. MOQ for custom projects start at 30 unit.

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3 reviews
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Travis Noyes

March 10, 2024
Good quality and very supportive, patient, and kind hearted owner.

Liz Long

February 19, 2024
this is an amazing product! the quality is great and stitching holds strong.

Alpha Rose

December 05, 2023
Yizhijin Clothin Co. have been great to work with so far! I am just beginning on my journey for my own active wear brand, and they've been very attentive, informative, and supportive. I've ordered around 7 different samples from them so far, and the material of the clothing have been very impressive. There are a few minor discrepancies/miscommunication with some colors offered, but with extra clarification we were able to work past the issue and customize the samples with my logo. We have moved to the production stage and i can't wait to expand on our venture!

Custom Heavy 280 Grams Cotton T-Shirt

You will receive: The T-shirt in the color and size of your choice

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