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Upright offers high-protein, allergen-free oatmilk as nutritious as dairy. Each cup provides eight grams of plant-based protein and the same vitamins and minerals in traditional dairy while using 13 times less water.

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Upright Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

Growing up, I've always felt forced to make trade-offs between taste, health, and the environment. That's why I created Upright: to make doing the right thing easy and fun. Our products are delicious, healthy, and sustainable – but that doesn't mean they have to be serious. We look to create moments of joy and laughter as the good for you go-to. As a woman- and BIPOC-owned business, we are proud to be a pending Certified B Corps company that is creating a positive impact, one cup of oatmilk at a time.

What makes your brand unique?

Our formulas are created in partnership with food scientists, pediatricians and world-leading experts.

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