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Balancing between the practical and the passionate, I was able to follow my dream and launch Ri Noor, a collection of unique fine jewelry that mixes my love of natural gemstones with my entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to this, I spent my entire career after grad school in an energy trading company, putting my quantitative financial background to good use. Even though I loved what I did in the finance space, I had always been drawn to entrepreneurship, but for a long time, my practical side dominated. It took a major life event for me to reevaluate what I wanted to do. With Ri Noor, I set out to create a mix of jewelry that blends the luxury of fine craft and precious stones to create a luxurious, yet wearable fine jewelry line. I desired to create a jewelry brand that I could envision myself and my friends buying from, a collection that changes people’s opinions on fine jewelry from a once-in-a-lifetime purchase to something more akin of buying a luxury handbag or statement jacket. This allows jewelry to become a more integral part of the wearer’s wardrobe, letting her be free to mix and match pieces as she sees fit. I am proud to say that the Ri Noor jewelry line is stocked by numerous international retailers and our pieces have been featured in the likes of Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Forbes and various Jewelry industry publications.

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