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The mark of a jewel is its ability to stand the test of time. The House of PERSTA is the brain child of twin brothers, Oliver and Guilhem, who decided to establish a family- run jewelers; it would be innovative and contemporary at once. Olivier, spent eleven years working as a jeweler for a prestigious House of the Place Vendôme, and Guilhem, an artistic director in visual communication and design, combine their personal experience and artistic influences. Persta, the Latin for persist, is taken from our family motto Deo Juvante Persta. Fascinated by Antiquity we draw our inspiration from the architecture, craftsmanship, and mythology of ancient civilisations. PERSTA creations are our way of paying tribute to the past while playing a part in paving the way for the future. To borrow from Victor Hugo we believe in «unity, persistance, logic, a cohesion between what is past and what is to come.» (Victor Hugo from «Moi, l’amour, la femme»). That I am One and yet Two : Inspired by Goet’s poem ‘Le Divan occidental-oriental’, our first collection is a reflexion around twinhood, and the concept of being one and yet two. Each of our pieces are designed to be detachable, worn individually or combined. This leaf from a tree in the East,
 Has been given to my garden.
 It reveals a certain secret,
 Which pleases me and thoughtful people. Does it represent One living creature Which has divided itself?
 Or are these Two, which have decided, That they should be as One? To reply to such a Question,
 I found the right answer:
 Do you notice in my songs and verses That I am One and Two? Le Divan occidental-oriental, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1819

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