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Modern Sophistication. Refined Edge. Always Classic
Pamela Bloom Jewelry
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Pamela Bloom designs lovingly handcrafted jewelry that is sophisticated and relaxed, timeless, and chic. My classic, versatile jewelry is specifically designed to be stand-alone statements - but can also be layered for a more dramatic look. My passion spans from initial design to the craftsmanship that goes into making each creation. I love to explore different materials to incorporate into my designs and I draw inspiration from things old and new, modern and vintage. I love what I do. I am an Aries. I am adventurous. I am artful. I am strength. I am calm. I love coffee and chocolate. I can't be without my birkenstocks and running sneakers. I love to observe. I believe in balance, patience, and the journey ahead. Life is an incredible experience and I am thankful for every laugh and every tear. I am the mother of three amazing spirited boys.

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