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Platform Chelsea Leather Boots ($99.00)

Silver Studded Zippered Bootie ($99.00)


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oobash Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

oobash was tarted because there are footwear brands that are very popular but their prices and quality are not the best and it is sad to see those expensive leather boots come apart in less than a year.

What makes your brand unique?

oobash is unique because of its competitive pricing, high quality leathers and materials used to make the boots and fresh designs

What are your brand values?

As designers we aspire to make an impact in the world of fashion and its consumers by continuing to select the best raw materials and crafting durable leather footwear

Platform Chelsea Leather Boots Platform Chelsea Leather Boots
Sold Out
Silver Studded Zippered Bootie Silver Studded Zippered Bootie
Sold Out