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Jennifer Rose is the lifestyle writer + content creator and founder of NeuroticMommy. She's a Spiritual Healing Medium and Psychic Intuitive who helps her co-creators deepen their connection between themselves, Higher Self, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones who have crossed over. A Guide between two worlds, Jennifer Rose provides support while you open up to your intuition and gives you a clear understanding on how to set clear + healthy boundaries for personal spiritual growth. Jennifer Rose teaches you how to be your own teacher, your own healer, you just have to be willing to put in the work work work work work. Also work. You can stay connected with Jennifer Rose on her website and social channels. www.neuroticmommy.com Instagram.com/NeuroticMommy Facebook.com/NeuroticMommy Youtube.com/NeuroticMommy TikTok.com/@NeuroticMommy ClubHouse : @NeuroticMommy Twitter.com/theneuroticmom

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