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Maison Tjoeng
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Contemporary Fine Jewellery brand Maison Tjoeng was created in 2016 by trained jewellery designer Yasmin Tjoeng. After working for a French jewellery label, Yasmin set out on her own to create a luxury brand that reflected her style and ethos of creating bold jewellery to empower its wearer. A true citizen of the world, Yasmin was born to European and Chinese parents, raised in Papua New Guinea and educated in Australia, she has since lived in Beijing and Hong Kong and is now based in Singapore. Maison Tjoeng's brand aesthetic is an infusion of sensuality and clean lines which are handcrafted to the highest standard. An award winning brand, Maison Tjoeng has shown at many prestigious exhibitions, including as an official partner for the Bentley Motors centennial events in London. Maison Tjoeng ready-to-wear and bespoke designs are created as wearable pieces of art, inspired by paintings, architecture, nature and poems, Maison Tjoeng strives to create distinctive designs, what we refer to as 'new classics' that will be treasured for generations.

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