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For the Artaners, high jewelry and artisanal savoir-faire are a family affair. A heritage passed down by a father, Master of Parisian high jewelry who for over 30 years, lent his artistry to some of the most prestigious Parisian jewelers. From the impulse of this audacious passion, Mounia and Tamar, mother and daughter, have honoured this legacy of French Artisanal excellence. Maison Artaner jewelry bears the imprint of the origins of its founders. One is enraptured, as if transported, through time and location. The use of pink gold, for which they share a particular fondness, is a loving nod to the ‘Ochre City’. Exploring precious materials, the magic of byzantine architecture, the colour of safran, the blue skies of Marrakech. They have given us a distillation of many trips and encounters, revealing an essence of skill and sophistication. Each piece tells us a story inspired by a sketch, garden or spice with a symbolic of femininity and finesse. Artaner Paris remains profoundly faithful to the traditions and techniques of French jeweler, so much talent and passion at the service of excellence and creativity born in their Parisian workshop. "Humane and environmentally friendly concerns are at the heart of our creations. A symbol of love and commitment, diamond and gold cannot be conceived without a conscience for us. Therefore, our mantra is: BE CHIC BE ETHIC. In fact, our process is aligned with our ethical values, in keeping with a desire for purity, traceability and the return to an artisanal". OUR DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE We remain profoundly faithful to the traditions and techniques of French jewelry. The Maison wishes to defend artisanal work and feels blessed to be able to collaborate with some of the best Parisian artisans, rich with many years of experience: founders, engravers, setters, enamellers... So much talent and passion at the service of excellence and creativity. Each piece has been imagined, dreamt up, sketched in the heart of our Parisian workshop. Many hours of passion, precision and craftsmanship have composed this ode to elegance in motion.

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