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La Vucciria

La Vucciria is a celebration of the rich land and culture of Sicily. A food concept based on tradition of a unique culture and top quality ingredients. All of the products are grown and made in Sicily. The products range from cold pressed, mono-cultivar olive oils to indeginous recipes to create an authentic Sicilian meal.

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La Vucciria Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

The Vucciria brand, registered in 2014, was an intuition of the Palermo entrepreneur Antonio Di Dio. He debuted with the donation of the La Vucciria luminaria located at the entrance of Via Maccheronai, in front of the historic Palermo market, immediately becomes a tourist attraction and icon of the city. The project evolved into a grouped food basket small and medium producers from all over Sicily, starting from the world of oil olive, with a capacity of millions of liters, followed along the way from pressing to bottling from the ancient by Pettineo.

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