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My name is Mendy and you could say I was born to the shiny world of diamonds. My father and my grandfather were international diamond dealers. As a kid I helped my father in every aspect of the business. When I turned 17 my father passed away and I have found myself continuing my family's legacy at an early age. I have always wanted to do more than just deal with diamonds, I wanted to express myself creatively. I wanted people all around the world to wear my jewelry. And so, at the age of 18.5 I have opened my own boutique in my hometown. Since day one I have teamed-up with Judith with whom I have designed hundreds of pieces by now. Our store is in Israel with our own workshop. We are proud of 15 years of happy customers at our local boutique, and online since 2018. I will conclude my story with my love for custom jewelry designs. My advise to every customer is to express herself through customizing our pieces and I LOVE making dreams come true for the customers. Yours, Mendy :-) We owe our success to our 3 foundations: - A jewel needs to speak for itself with Beautiful Designs - We go above and beyond our customers expectations to ensure their full satisfaction - Fine Materials & Craftsmanship - We use the finest materials and each piece we craft is inspected thoroughly with the highest attention to detail.

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