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Jihey Park is a designer currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Jihey lived half of her life abroad in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Italy and the U.S. With a degree in English Language & Literature, she did a few years’ stint in Advertising & Marketing. But creatively unfulfilled and restless, she moved to New York where she trained as a jewelry designer at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and spent a number of years designing for quintessentially NY jewelry brands before returning to Korea to launch her namesake brand. Jiheys love and fascination for jewelry was sparked early during her childhood in Sri Lanka, where as a little girl she used to visit local gemstone vendors with her mom and sister, and be mesmerized by the colorful and sparkling gemstones. Having been exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures and surroundings her entire life, she draws her inspirations from her extensive travels and life abroad - from nature, architecture, folklore, arts, to memorable moments in time. Her signature style is defined as bold and sophisticated with a refined sense of femininity, and speaks to the self-assured modern woman with a discerning eye. JIHEY PARK has a loyal following of repeat customers, and an international list of custom jewelry clients spanning from Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K., Australia to the U.S. Her pieces can often be spotted on A-List celebrities in K-dramas & shows. Growing up in multiple countries where oftentimes cultural norms, beliefs and values collided, Jihey had to learn from an early age how to absorb and adapt to new cultures while still remaining authentic to who she was. Having walked that tightrope all her life, she founded JIHEY PARK with the purpose of encouraging women across the world to embrace and celebrate their individuality. Each design comes from a deeply personal place where she remembers, defines and translates memorable moments, imagery & emotions into timeless jewelry that invites you to connect with and express yourself, while adding a distinctive & polished touch to elevate your everyday look. All of JIHEY PARK pieces are created in close collaboration with highly skilled local craftsmen in Seoul, South Korea, combining traditional hand craftsmanship with modern technology. Each piece is uncompromising in quality. While best known for her demi-fine ready to wear collection, her custom jewelry service where she brings her design expertise & heart into working one on one with clients to create one-of-a-kind pieces in high carat gold, platinum and precious gemstones continues to grow in demand. Demi-fine collection items are also customizable upon request.

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