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Futaba Hayashi
map_marker Brooklyn

Meticulously handcrafted fine jewelry inspired by symbolism in art, street culture and music. Futaba often borrows inspirations from symbolism in street culture. Futaba is devoted to creating timeless and playful pieces holding spiritual power in symbolic form. As an amulet of protection or talisman would, Futaba’s designs use shapes and symbols in harmony and balance. Futaba is a Brooklyn based designer and graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology. Born and raised in Japan, she inherited the wealth of minimalism and reverence of symbology from Japanese culture. Futaba’s background in graphic design, as well as her cross-cultural experience living in New York City, have shaped her design aesthetic. She developed her collection with the intention of merging her love for graphic design with the intimacy of jewelry, creating timeless, subtle pieces suited for everyday wear.

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