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Ella Gafter
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Ella Gafter is recognized as one of the world’s leading pearl jewelers, even earning herself the epithet of “The Queen of Pearls”. She is known both for sourcing these organic gems directly in Australia and for her exclusive use of pearls of high luster and uncommonly large size. Ella’s work has always enjoyed tremendous editorial coverage from world-class photographers and stylists in every type of publication. In 2001, an extraordinary corsage brooch by Ella Gafter was one of the very few contemporary pieces included in the American Museum of Natural History’s “Pearls” exhibition, which traveled around the world for 10 years. Recently, Ella has agreed to donate the brooch to their permanent collection; it will be prominently and permanently displayed in the new Hall of Gems and Minerals to open in the Spring of 2021. Every item is handcrafted in Naples, Italy. Skilled maestri, who combine the sculptor’s artistry with the engineer’s understanding of materials and techniques, dedicate their talent to realizing her daring, original designs. This marriage of the artisans’ guild-like discipline and Ella’s bold inventiveness often culminates in creations that transcend their purpose as high-end luxury products and pierce into the realm of genuine artistic expression. Ella Gafter has remained an independently owned family business since its inception in 1978. The business is run by Ella’s daughter, Talila Gafter, PhD.

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