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At Circular&Co. we passionately believe that Circular Design can put an end to waste and pollution, it provides a real chance for practical change at a time when the world desperately needs solutions.

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Circular&Co. Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

A new era of product design has begun. An exciting and necessary age of circular design, in which waste is an opportunity and materials are infinitely valuable. There is no silver bullet solution to the current environmental crisis – but we’re taking positive action and we know it’s a journey. For organisations, businesses and individuals, it’s a global movement to breakdown our throwaway culture; nothing has a single purpose and everything has a value. We believe consumers can start to play an important role right now by following a few simple rules next time they shop. We think of it as a circular buying checklist: Choose Recycled, Challenge Longevity, Check Recyclable. We firmly believe that our future must be circular.

What are your brand values?

At Circular&Co., we’re on a mission to inspire and educate everyone about Circular Design and why we must all welcome circularity into our everyday lives.

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