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It started as an infatuation with wearable objects that keep secrets and tell stories. The little things that bring sparkles to our lives. Every cXc piece is meant to be an everyday companion, to be worn, and gather experiences (big + small) with you. Each is precious because of who wears it. Thank you for being a part of our story. Current collection includes pieces cast in sterling silver, and 14K gold, vermeil with 18K gold, rose-gold, and rhodium. All handmade with love to order. We believe strongly in treating our earth with care for our future generations. As you may see in our store, some of the collection is available on a made-to-order basis. This model allows us to produce without wasting excess resources. Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for orders to be shipped. We are choosing to be paperless in our communications as much as we can. All invoices are emailed, and will only be printed and attached in the shipment upon request. We are also working hard on lessening the use of plastics in our packagings, as well as during production. After each initial quality inspection, every cXc piece is stored directly into one of our signature cotton pouches, these bags will be the only ones to hold and protect every piece until they are on your hands. By doing this, we eliminate the presence of one time use plastic bags in our studio. Please also try to reuse the cXc cotton pouches whenever you can! Our cardboard mailer boxes are made from recycled paper stock, please reuse or recycle at your convenience.

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