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It’s to “Dye” for!
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Teen entrepreneur/philanthropist/advocate Custom made eco smart Tie dye for ALL PayPal,Venmo,Apple Pay,CASHAPP

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Certidyed Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

I started this brand because my mom’s favorite pattern is tie dye. Over the years she always wore tie dye and would buy it for my brothers and I. One summer during the pandemic she started a summer camp at home for us. We made tie dye shirts for art. I just loved the entire concept of creating tie dye! So I started making tie dye for my family and friends. At this time I was only 13 years old and didn’t think of actually starting a business. Until my family and friends suggested to me to become an “entrepreneur”. By the start of 8th grade my mom told me if I kept my grades in good academic standing I could embark on a small business. November 2021 “Certidyed” was born!

What makes your brand unique?

Each item is custom made and handmade by me you can choose your own colors and it’s also eco smart

What are your brand values?

My creations are expressions of art made for all of mankind but furry friends too!

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