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Never stop moving.
Body Forward Clothing
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Body Foward is a company dedicated to clothing for the athletic spirit in all of us. From wheelchair sports and cycling to weekend activities and hiking, Body Foward aspires to provide athletic wear that not only looks great but fits both you and your budget with ease. Casual, sporty, loose-fitting or snug, the Body Forward line seeks to expand the options available for all aspects of the active life. We are a new company with an ever-expanding product line, keeping a keen eye out for both traditional and new styles that satisfy the needs of active people with simple or complex tastes. Our goal is your comfort and satisfaction. Keep life going. Never stop moving.

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Body Forward Clothing Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

Out of respect and dedication to our disabled friends.

What makes your brand unique?

Dedicated to the promotion of disabled people

What are your brand values?

Respect, inclusion, participation, honor, activity

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