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Hi there - this is Nate @ Arbor Made. Last fall my wonderful girlfriend & I launched our invention, the world’s first reusable candle jar - with the mission of reducing candle waste in the environment. Like many, during work from home we fell in love with candles. However, we noticed our cupboard quickly filling up with nearly empty candle jars that we didn't know what to do with... we called this our #CandleGraveyard After learning we couldn't recycle them, we did our best to find a reusable & refillable candle jar, but we quickly found it didn't' exist! So, we decided to make our own. After millions of views on TikTok, dozens of five star ratings, and happy customers in all 50 states, we couldn't be more proud of the product we've created!

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Arbor Made Q&A

Why did you start this brand?

To help reduce candle waste in the environment!

What makes your brand unique?

We are the world's first & only reusable / refillable candle jar that comes with it's own zero-waste refills.

What are your brand values?

At Arbor Made, we set out to create a better alternative to single-use candles for both you and the environment.

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