Emma Chamberlain (Chamberlain Coffee)

Emma Chamberlain has been a YouTube personality for much of her life. What started as a fun hobby for friends soon
ballooned into a channel with over 11 million subscribers. Emma is known for her style and her fun sense of humor, and
each video she posts receives millions of views.

But Chamberlain was not content to simply rule YouTube. She created Chamberlain Coffee to share her passion for coffee
with her followers. Chamberlain Coffee is an ethical and sustainable brand founded with the intention of connecting
people over a cup of coffee. Chamberlain shared in an interview with Refinery 29 that her focus is more on product
quality than branding. She wants to appeal to her fan base, but also to people who appreciate fine coffee.

Chamberlain Coffee now offers subscription services people can use to stay restocked. Emma largely keeps her two brands
separate but occasionally shares content featuring her products. Her social media savvy has led to an Instagram
following of 389,000 for her company.

Hailey Sani (ILYBABY — A Pietra brand)

Hailey Sani has 1.37 million YouTube subscribers and over 700,000 followers on Instagram. Sani is originally from Turkey
and has built her following by connecting with young women all over the world. She posts videos featuring advice and
life lessons along with personal glimpses into her life.

Sani's followers love her carefree personality and the fact that she likes to tackle topics that would often be
considered taboo. Sani knows that growing up as a young woman can be tough. She offers a big sister vibe to her
followers and answers their burning questions honestly.

Sani founded the clothing company ILYBABY to serve as a uniform for people who wish to embody her kind spirit, earning
money in the creator economy in the process. ILYBABY brands itself as attire for people who approach life from a place
of love. She crafts pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear.

ILYBABY uses Pietra to manufacture and ship its clothing to customers. Our self-service platform meets Sani's needs,
connecting her to the manufacturers and other suppliers that can help bring her vision to life and fulfill orders
without having to research each supplier individually. For content creators who want to branch out into their own
branded merchandise, Pietra makes it easy to connect with the suppliers they need to achieve their entrepreneurial

Ella Rose (Skin by Ella Rose — A Pietra Brand)

Ella Rose is a Swedish model who transformed her fame into a successful Instagram brand. She currently has 787,000
Instagram followers who love to see her outfits, modeling photos, daily life, and daughter, Lily.

Modeling gave Rose access to a wealth of skincare knowledge, so she launched her own brand — Skin by Ella Rose. She
takes a minimalistic approach to skincare products with a brightening cream blush and eyebrow gel that customers can use
to perfect their 5-minute skincare routine.

On the Skin by Ella Rose Instagram feed, many women are featured wearing the product. The photos present everyday people
so followers can easily visualize themselves using the brightening cream and eyebrow gel. Customers also commonly tag
their content with the brand's products using #skinbyellarose.

Skin by Ella Rose uses Pietra to manufacture and distribute products to customers. Rose is committed to sustainability,
opting for limited packaging to reduce waste. Our platform allows her to connect with sustainable manufacturers who meet
her requirements, create high-quality products with less waste, and make money as an influencer.

Jeanne Damas (Rouje Paris)

French women have been known for their style for centuries. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel revolutionized women's fashion by
encouraging women to ditch their corsets for easier styles. French fashion influencer Jeanne Damas rose to prominence by
posting on Tumblr. She eventually transitioned to Instagram where she now shares chic and sophisticated content that
serves as inspiration for anyone who wants to emulate French style.

Damas' Instagram currently has over 1.5 million followers. She used her popularity and innate style to launch the
fashion brand Rouje Paris and monetize her influencer audience. Founded in 2016, the brand offers clothing, accessories,
beauty products, and footwear.

Rouje Paris appeals to people who follow Damas for her style. Her clothing is affordable, giving more people access to
French style that is normally reserved for those with money to spare. Rouje Paris embodies Damas' online brand,
featuring pieces that are elegant yet easy to mix and match. The brand highlights how to move an online brand beyond
traditional merchandise. Damas' followers can shop this fashion line to achieve her effortless style, and they can find
each other by tagging the brand in their posts.

How Pietra Can Help Content Creators Transition to Entrepreneurs

Pietra is an intuitive platform for content creators who are interested in selling anything from beauty products to home
goods. We have raised over $15 million to help content creators create and launch their own creator economy brands.

What started as a marketplace for luxury goods and jewelry has blossomed into a creator hub where content creators can
easily spin their existing brands into viable businesses. We provide cost-effective solutions for creators who want to
launch a business but aren't familiar with the specifics of manufacturing and other logistics. We help brands started by
influencers sell directly to consumers without having to research and interview suppliers.

We thoroughly research our suppliers so each of our creators can focus on producing quality products without slow
delivery tarnishing their existing brands. Any creator who is interested in how to start an influencer brand can contact
Pietra to learn more.