The four C's of diamonds are easy to identify: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity. The four C's of a brand? Maybe not so much. Here, we ask Pietra's jewelry designers to tell us what makes up their four C's: who is their dream celebrity? What is a common trait of all their amazing clients? What is the most prized piece from their collection, and what is unique about their craft.


Seeing Jenna Bush Hager in my Fairy Dust necklaces on the Today Show this Spring and Summer was so amazing, but I think I would absolutely FREAK OUT if Lady Gaga ever wore one of my designs. I am all about incredible women who are not only talented but work to make a difference for others and she fits that profile in so many ways.


My clients are all amazing women who make things happen for their families, their workplace, their communities, charities etc. - they are the quintessential Fairies who love and deserve a little sparkle on the side.


The Fairy Dust Collection was my first collection and continues to be a best seller because it is perfect for layering, has the right amount of movement and is delicate yet makes a statement. Within that collection, the Diamond Fairy Dust necklaces which come in a variety of lengths and styles are my favorite designs…I do not go a single day without wearing one of those pieces.


There are two things that I focus on to stay unique. First, I only make a limited number of each design so that a customer does not see themselves coming and going on everyone else when they walk into a meeting or down the street. When I reach that number I discontinue and archive that style. Second, in my design process I stay focused on the fact that I love so many different jewelry lines myself, I want to design pieces that do no limit my customers on wearability, but rather give them the ability to style their pieces so they can wear everything they love together. At the same time, each piece in my collection is thoughtfully designed so that it can be mixed with pieces from any collection in the line so that there is fluidity across my brand.

To learn more about Lee Jones, shop the collection, or commission a custom piece, visit her profile on Pietra.