The four C's of diamonds are easy to identify: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity. The four C's of a brand? Maybe not so much. Here, we ask Pietra's jewelry designers to tell us what makes up their four C's: who is their dream celebrity? What is a common trait of all their amazing clients? What is the most prized piece from their collection, and what is unique about their craft.

The founders of Kimai, a fine jewelry brand straight from Anterwerp, has a lofty goal. And it's not simply to create the next it-ring. Goal number one: to create jewelry that "leaves an impression but doesn't leave a mark on the world." Goal number two: to be the fine jewelry brand for the next generation. And even though they've been around just under a year, they've managed to make some friends in pretty high places. Like, royal places. Like, Meghan Markle places. Here, founder Jessica Warch shares her brand's Four C's.


Meghan Markle wore our earrings. That made us freak out! Otherwise, Jessica Alba and Oprah. It's about people like us who are women entrepreneurs, modern, and really believe in the mission and stand for the mission as much as we do.


What we believe in is being effortlessly chic. So sneakers, jeans, very chill, but at the same time she wears diamond, wears jewelry. By mixing and matching she expresses her style and personality. And she's conscious, of course, of her purchasing decisions and the impact she has on the planet and the people living on it.


We launched only in November, so we're very young. We launched a collection of, like, 20 pieces and have done some product drops since. But the earrings, the one that Meghan wore and the piece that represents our brand best at the moment. That's the one people recognize and the piece is very unique to us.


We manufacture everything in Antwerp and we use only 18 karat gold and natural diamonds. It's the highest quality of craftsmanship. And also the most traceable and transparent processes of production. And everything is made by hand.