The four C's of diamonds are easy to identify: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity. The four C's of a brand? Maybe not so much. Here, we ask Pietra's jewelry designers to tell us what makes up their four C's: who is their dream celebrity? What is a common trait of all their amazing clients? What is the most prized piece from their collection, and what is unique about their craft.

Jewelry and movement may not go hand in hand at first thought. I say "ring" and you think "must stay put on my finger." But for New York-based jewelry designer Jamie Wolf, movement is the cornerstone of her design process. A former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, Wolf began making jewelry backstage and selling pieces to fellow dancers before her pieces landed in the TK of the likes of Bergdorf Goodman. Today she is known for her wearable, modern, and emotional pieces. Here are Jamie Wolf's Four C's:


Amal Clooney. She has an understated elegance about her but you always notice SOMETHING she's wearing. I wouldn't say that she's subtle, but she's also not "in your face" fashion.


Understated elegance. My clients are all strong women that want a piece that will make them feel special -- whether it's because it reminds them of a special occasion or simply makes them smile -- but not a piece that is only intended to impress other people. They're women that purchase to please themselves.


Personalization is very important to me, especially as a working mother of two. My ID bracelets that i wear represent each of my son's. I love making pieces that have strong, emotional ties and I think these bracelets are a perfect example of that. I love seeing their names, but I also love the weight of the piece -- even I'm not looking at it, I can feel that it's there and it always makes me smile.


There's so much that's unique about my craft -- for instance, it's all handcrafted in New York and I'm fully involved in every single step from ideation to handing the piece to the customer. But my ballet background being the inspiration behind my pieces, the fact that I think about how each piece will move with you -- literally -- throughout the day, or even throughout your life, I think is what makes my craft especially different.

To learn more about Jamie Wolf, shop the collection, or commission a custom piece, visit her profile on Pietra.