The four C's of diamonds are easy to identify: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity. The four C's of a brand? Maybe not so much. Here, we ask Pietra's jewelry designers to tell us what makes up their four C's: who is their dream celebrity? What is a common trait of all their amazing clients? What is the most prized piece from their collection, and what is unique about their craft.

Annie James' mission is simple, but possibly the most powerful of all designers: Make a statement, save a life. As part of the designer's recover from thyroid cancer, she designed her collection to promote awareness for the disease she had battled. "Beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry felt like the perfect way to start a conversation about the importance of getting a neck check," she said. Here, the designer, who donates 20% of the profits made from each necklace to CancerCare, answers our Four C's.


The typical Annie James client is someone who appreciates quality and craftsmanship over jewelry's equivalent of "fast fashion." She's the girl who needs her accessories to keep up with her, from a morning workout to cocktail hour at a charity event after work.


As a fellow thyroid cancer survivor, I would be thrilled if Brooke Burke wore one of my pieces.

I also absolutely adore Cameron Eubanks. I admire how she stays true to herself and always says things how they are. (My mom would lose it if she wore a piece of @anniejamesjewelry).


All the necklaces from my debut collection are of great importance to me. I designed them during my recovery from the surgery that removed my thyroid and lymph nodes from my neck. Each necklace has a butterfly charm at the clasp, representing the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland. I've partnered with CancerCare, and donate 20% of the profits from each necklace, directly supporting thyroid cancer patients with the cost of long-term medical treatment.


The jewelry alone speaks for itself, but the mission to promote thyroid cancer awareness is unique and important. The disease is prevalent among women, but many, like me, are blindsided by their diagnosis. A beautiful piece of jewelry felt like the right way to promote awareness and the importance of getting a neck check.